Mental Health Benefits of Coworking

mental health coworking

We all know that there’s a creative business benefit to coworking. Working in environments and spaces with others can have a positive impact in your business and professional life. It stimulates potential for growth, opportunities to network and collaborate with others, and instills a sense of community. 

The proof is in the pudding. According to the Social Connection in Remote Work Report 2022, nearly 64% of survey respondents felt working in a coworking space was more socially fulfilling than working from an office or home space. This can also include “third spaces” such as hotel lobbies, friends’ homes, and cafes.

Using a coworking space can also provide the needed separation between structure and leisure time, which can be difficult to achieve in just a home office. 

But how about the health benefits of coworking? How can coworking impact your mind, body, and spirit? Here we’ll break down the immense benefits that coworking can have on your mental health. 

  • It can reduce isolation from working alone, which certainly would have an impact on one’s mental health. According to the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, social isolation is a major stressor that comes with home-based work. 
  • Coworking can promote the idea that you’re giving yourself purpose in your work, especially since you’re surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who also desire the same goals. 
  • Reduction of stress is also a big reason! Coworking can provide that break in the action from performing specific tasks that can be a stress reliever, and ultimately provide some peace of mind. It also provides a different physical work environment, with different interiors that can be invigorating and calming for the mind.

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