How to Select the Right Coworking Space

We all know that we can accomplish a lot of work by participating in a coworking space. From becoming more productive to networking with potential colleagues and collaborators, there are numerous ways to take advantage of all that a coworking space can bring. 

So how do you select the right coworking space for your needs? What should you be looking for? Besides the importance of location and accessibility, there are a few other factors to consider when researching the best coworking space for your needs.

  • Building Community – In-house activities are one of the main draws to participating in a coworking community. From networking opportunities to group breakfasts, this is a great way to meet others and take advantage of all that a coworking space has to offer!
  • Amenities – These are super important when it comes to being fully equipped. Look for things such as high-speed Wifi, printing and scanning services, private work desks and coffee/tea options for the ultimate in comfort. 
  • Membership plans – Look for convenient and cost-effective plans for your work schedule. Do you need something weekly or daily? Seek features that work for your business, budget, and productivity needs.
  • Space and Environment – Do you need more private areas or special conference rooms? Assess your work needs and make sure you have the right productive environment set up.
  • Security – Is the space monitored at all times of the day and week? Feeling secure and safe in your work environment is important.
  • Flexibility – Does the coworking space accommodate your schedule? This is important and one of the reasons one chooses to join a coworking space. 

Sleek Cowork has ample amenities and features that benefit all types of workers. Our members can host conferences, work on their podcast, and use our facilities for hosting events and parties! Learn more about how Sleek can help the creative entrepreneur with their work functions, give us a call at 470-507-0020 or visit our website


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