Coworking Etiquette: What You Should Know

coworking etiquette

What do you know about coworking etiquette? For many, it’s a new working environment that takes some understanding and getting used to. If you’ve worked in a typical office environment, then you have some basic understanding of respect in the workplace. Some similar rules apply in a coworking environment, but there is that extra level of collaboration and potential for networking that one finds in this type of workspace. 

Let’s break down some basic coworking etiquette:

  • Clean workspaces: Keep communal areas neat and tidy – this is a must! If you work from home, you’re used to going into your kitchen and making your own food and mess. This is a shared space, so be respectful of others and be sure to throw your trash away. Also, ensure your desk is clean when you finish working.
  • Noise levels: It’s important to match the volume of your workspace to those around you. Whether that’s taking a phone call or having discussions or meetings with others, consider what you’re doing and if you need to book a private conference room or workspace. If you like listening to music, be sure to use headphones. Also, be mindful of the ringer on your phone and adjust it to suitable levels. 
  • Proper networking: While one of the great advantages of spending time at a coworking space is the opportunity to grow your network, it’s important not to be an aggressive salesperson and try to sell your services. The idea is to build relationships slowly and steadily and eventually become top of mind when the time is right for a business relationship to occur!
  • Respect other’s spaces: Remember that this is a shared workspace, so it’s critical to respect others in their work mode. Be aware of how much space you’re using and keep your personal work materials and belongings in your area.

Engaging with others and saying hello always goes a long way as well – that goes for any work situation. Here at Sleek, we enjoy collaborating and talking with others. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people and make connections! Contact us at 470-507-0020 or online through our submission form


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